Protective effect of Liv.52 and Liv.100, ayurvedic formulations on lipid peroxidation in rat liver homogenate--an in vitro study.


Liv.100 is an improvised herbal formulation of Liv.52. Liv.52 is an important component of the ayurvedic system of medicine. This report highlights on the protective effect of Liv.52 and Liv.100 against in vitro peroxidation induced by hydrogen peroxide in rat liver homogenate. Addition of the two herbal formulations reduced the peroxidation effect of hydrogen peroxide in the dose- and time-dependent manner. The protective effect of the drugs is attributed to the enhanced supply of reduced glutathione that inhibit the deleterious process of lipid peroxidation. The results suggest on the antioxidant potential of Liv.52 and Liv.100.


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