[Appendicitis in puerperium--case report].


Acute appendicitis in puerperium is often diagnosed too late, because clinical signs can be unrelaible. Abdominal wall rigidity is rarely noticed in puerpeium because of weak abdominal wall muscles, laboratory parameters are not enough relaible and atip cal appendix presentation makes dificulties in diagnosis. Knowing clinical signs and symptoms of appendicitis, possible complications and their early detection, make a chanse for a good surgical outcome. Measuring of axillar and rectal temperature can take confusion in, and prolong time until surgical treatment. Leucocytosis in puerperium is not valid for diagnosis. We report a case of patient in puerperium with high laboratory infection parameters. Diagnosis of appendicitis is made based on clinical signs and symptoms, that is proved intraoperatively and histologicaly. Appendectomy without perforation carries less risks for mother and fetus.


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