Design and Implementation of Power Grid Dispatching Visualization Platform Based on SOA


During the process of the smart power grid construction, the dynamic behavior of the power enterprises will be increasingly complex, to mention about the power dispatching Operation Management System(OMS), this implies that a great number of application data and power information will pour into OMS in the case of failure. For the purpose of timely insight into the existing anomalies and potential causes of accidents, some reasonable and effective information mediums and technologies are necessary to be provided for the power dispatchers to strengthen the grasp of macroeconomic information on power grid. On account of this aspect, we present a visualization solution which utilize power grid OMS visualization platform based on SOA(Service-Oriented Architecture), we discussed the design and implementation of the platform architecture, messages, event-driven, service and other aspects in the paper. This platform has adopted advanced visualization technology route that can manage service by workflow and reuse the existing electrical components, it can largely improve the grid dispatcher to analysis the key problems of operational defect and accident location etc., so will has a good application prospect.


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